Fellow Comrade - 4 years ago
My family died by the hands of a tomato, after that I simply puke when I see the gross goo. I would rather dunk my head in bleach, than eat one slice of a tomato. I would like to unite my anti tomato brothers in a revolution against the government. WE shall murder every tomato ever. UNITE UPTIGHT UNLOADED

Michael loves corn - 10 years ago
I enjoy checking up on this site once in awhile. It's awesome, thanks to AntiTomato for putting it up! Once we eradicate the nasty tomato, we can begin to focus our efforts on the disgusting grapefruit. I HAVE, however, found that tomatillos are quite awesome. Salsa verde, anyone?

Lorraine - 10 years ago
I can't even type the word without retching - tomatoes are the food of the devil!

Nicky - 10 years ago
Tomatoes are awful. My four year old niece knows I hate them and everytime they are on the dinner table she starts 'But why don't you like tomatoes Nicky? But they are yummy....but everybody likes tomatoes Nicky...etc'. She has taken to taunting me if we are in a shop together and she sees them and even drew a picture of one in a birthday card she made me. It is the stuff of nightmares.

Drea - 10 years ago
Well Rose.... Once a tomato lover. I will never buy them from a store again. Thanks for letting me know how they are fertilized... I'm scarred for life. Only straight from our non human excrement fertilized garden from now on.

Stacy - 11 years ago
look at how bad this guys grammar is!! there's a new article i was reading in a medical journal that linked tomatoes and stupidity!! then bam! i open up this website and find instant proof! awesome

The tomatoe loverr - 11 years ago

doodles the clown - 11 years ago
You tomatoe haters better get the facts straight tomatoes taste like heaven and red the color of tomatoes is the color of love. YOU SHUT UP OR LET THE TOMATOE BE WITH YOU

Riff - 11 years ago
where the fuck are you ?

isupportlaz - 11 years ago
I agree with Laz. I may not wish death opn you all but you are all certainly well and truly fucked up people.

steven - 11 years ago
Mr Bridge appeared quite clever...Until he signed the anti-tomato petition...Get your head out of your tomato man....

Larry Bridge - 11 years ago
It is obvious today that the world has defaulted on the promissory note insofar as her vegetable citizens of red color are concerned. Instead of honoring this sacred obligation, the world has given the tomato a bad check, a check which has come back marked "insufficient funds." But we refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt. We refuse to believe that there are insufficient funds in the great vaults of opportunity of this world. So we have come to cash this check — a check that will give us upon demand the riches of freedom and the security of justice. We have also come to this hallowed anti-tomato spot to remind thw world of the fierce urgency of now. This is no time to engage in the luxury of cooling off or to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism. Now is the time to make real the promises of democracy. Now is the time to rise from the dark and desolate valley of segregation of vegtables to the sunlit path of fruit and vegetable justice. Now is the time to lift our world from the quick sands of vegetable injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood. Now is the time to make justice a reality for all of God's vegtables. Viva la Tomato

Jen - 11 years ago
You spend your time on websites that don't concern you, therefore, you're practically already dead!! but thanks for the tip tomato-face!!

laz - 11 years ago
you guys are fucked and should go die

Lou - 11 years ago
One time I refused to kiss my ex girlfriend after she ate a raw tomato..The only thing I could think to say was "you shouldn't have eaten that"..She didn't speak to me for 2 days!!

Kelly - 11 years ago
I don't know where it came from but I think my phobia of tomatoes are more of the pips and the raw fruit. I gag and tense up whenever I see one! Horrid. My sister doesn't help by eating them whole as a snack. The smell of the flesh is vevolting! Eeww! I has started to ask her to leave the room now but the thought of the tomato is still there and just makes me gag and hyperventilate! It's horrible. I'm only 16 and WISH I could stop this phobia getting any worse. But that's all it seems to do. X

- 11 years ago
Tomatoes stink they are the food of the Devil and they are as poisonous as a magic mushroom, also I heard that a Tomatoe once killed a monkey

Peter - 12 years ago
I have been phobic of tomatoes for a long time. People really don't seem to understand. They are little goo bombs waiting to explode their goo interior on you. Ever notice how a "ripe" tomato feels like other things do when they are rotten? I hate the vile things in any form, even ketchup and sauces, perhaps especially in those forms.

accident :( - 12 years ago
i accidentally a whole tomato :(

Amanda - 12 years ago
I was just currently on my honey moon in Niagra Falls. Me and my husband went to the pen centre in St. Catherines. He decided he wanted A & W and I wanted Taco Bell. The next day, he felt fine, but I was sooo sick. I got sick on my honeymoon because of Taco Bell. Im not sure if it was the hamburger or the sauce, but it was horrible.

Danny DeKasha - 12 years ago

Marla - 12 years ago
I'm not sure if I belong on this site because while whole tomatoes (or their bastard relatives, stewed tomatoes) creep me out horribly, I actually enjoy salsa and marinara. Anyway, given my disgust of whole tomatoes, get this: I was riding my bike home last night and I ran over on of those suckers in the road. I must have it it just right (or just wrong) because the damn thing exploded and its slimy, disgusting seeds shot up my bare leg and into my toes (I was wearing sandals). How disgusting is that? I need counseling, I think.

Amy Kingston - 13 years ago
Hi, i actually have a phobia with tamatos, i cant touch them, look at them , or ANYTHING!! i'm reaaaaaaaaalyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy scared of tamatos !!! theyr iskkyyy and weird and i think they smtimes come alive !! dont think im crazyy !! im right !! they DO come alive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh save mee fromm this redd creatureeeeee

John of Ork - 13 years ago
I like tomatoes. I eat them raw, fried, as pasta sauce, and many other ways. I don't think I've gone a day in my life without eating a tomato. I love the taste, I love the texture, I even love the look of tomatoes. I love that bright, beautiful red colour. They're the colour of love, and the colour of life. They're also the colour of Satan. I don't see how so many people could so despise the earth's most glorious and versatile fruit. Hail Satan.

Mitchell van dijken - 13 years ago

aiden - 13 years ago
The first time I ate a tomato, I popped it in my mouth and gagged, spit it out, and threw-up

Logan Manning - 13 years ago
Today 5000 people have been arrested for molesting tomatoes

Peter G Dubz - 13 years ago
No Mat, why are YOU being like that?!

Matt - 13 years ago
Why you being like that??

Tony - 13 years ago
My Friend Matt hates Tomatoes. He..and the rest of you are FREAKS!!

Daniel - 13 years ago
Tomatoes taste like an aadvark's vomit. My sister gave me what she told me was a was a cherry tomato. My taste buds are still recovering. A tomato killed my chinchilla. Tomatoes are the reason for global warming. It's science.

johnroy - 13 years ago
tomatos are bad - red, slimy - and now what are we gonna do about the new purple tomato. the anti tomato war must persevere!

Rose Bayless - 13 years ago
owowowowo there ickyy!!! once a student of mine put a tomato in my chair and i sat down on it and ever since then ive had a phobia of tomatoes which is unfortunate for me because i am a tomato farmer.. another reason i hate tomatoes is that at the farm we use human suwage to fertilize the tomatoes

Keith - 13 years ago
I was forced to eat them by a vindictive Nun at school. I puked on her shoes and got slapped silly. Oh my girlfriends favourite food is Italian! you ever try ordering italian food without tomatoes...not much left to choose

Jessica - 14 years ago
I have a fear of tomatos. When i was younger my babysitter use to force me to eat tomatos. If i didnt eat them i had to sit in time out for hours. I hate tomatos now. I cant touch them or eat them. Just the sight of them makes me ill. I have to have my little brother pick them off anything if they are mistakenly on there. Its very weird but i cant help it. I am italian so tomatos are a big part of our meals. But i try my hardest to avoid them.

CQ - 14 years ago
Everyone thinks i am crazy when i say i am scared of tomatoes. Most people at my school like them and my whole family likes them too! I honesty think that tomatoes are the most disgusting things in the world. I only like tomaro sauce on my pizza NOTHING ELSE

The Tomato Lover - 14 years ago

twyla - 14 years ago
My father forced us to eat one when i was 6ish and i brought it strait back up... yes i rathered the flogging than the tomatoe. Now i can't eat anything that's had one on it or i can't cut the yucky things and i wont cut one or touch the seeds and that foul juice... and yet... i like tomatoe sauce and i'm actually enjoying tomatoe soup now.... but put me near a whole one or one with seeds in it and im gone. I'm so very happy i thought i'd look this up and found you's.... you'r not alone. DOWN with TOMATOES

Snoopeh - 14 years ago
I see that Greggs the bakers are now hiding the tomato slices under the tuna on their baguettes. Just bought one and had to throw the whole thing away after finding the tomato jizz had soaked into the bread. Not a happy bunny.

Adam Quinton - 14 years ago
I work on a tomato hydroponic farm and tomatos are fruit. Fruit is a part of a plant. Tomatoes are part of the Nightshade (Solanace)Family so its understandable that they were once thought to be posioness. All Solanace fruit are berries. Yes tomatoes are berries like eggplant, capsicum and peppers.

Kayla - 14 years ago
hi my name is Kayla fitzner i like photo i have 1 boyfirend he is so cute

Amanda Hugnkiss - 14 years ago

Ima Ediot - 14 years ago
AHAHAHAHAHAH! Says the tomato. You will never catch me! AHAHAHA ni will tomato you make me craaazy heelp ah the tomato it eats me bnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i hate you tomato

Mike Katz - 14 years ago
I think I can answer the question whether tomatoes are a fruit or a vegetable. It's neither. It's an oversized mutated berry.

rachel - 14 years ago
I really hate tomatoes!!! I can't even touch them, and if I smell them I gag!! Once I ate a bit by mistake because I thought it was a piece of red pepper and I was actually sick!! My boyfriend loves takeing the micky out of me about my phobia, so it's great to find like minded people!!!

Gary Souter - 14 years ago
i fecking hate tomatoes. they make me sick!! literally! i was cooking some chili con carne..and i was forced to put in tinned tomatoes...and i was literally sick in the pan...i felt so violated.

Dr. Seuss - 14 years ago
I do not like them. I will not eat them, here or there. I will not eat them anywhere. I would not, could not, on a train. I would not, could not, on a plane. I will not eat them on a boat, I will not eat them with a goat. I do not like green tomatoes and ham.

Jesus C. - 14 years ago
There are no tomatoes in heaven. Me and Dad and the Holy Ghost don't go for them... if you like them, fine, but you're not coming here.

Tom Pip - 14 years ago
Imagine how i name has haunted me all my life and my mum used to punish me by readfing me tomato murdering stories. I used to wake up and see tomatoes looming over my bed........then i realized it was my mum! seriously, this website is the funniest thing i have ever seen!!! TOMATOES!!! yeh cos they have minds of their own, right, and they're out to kill everyone and take over the world!!!! and my mum has a red car (a beetle) which i cant even sit in. im going to go and leek my soul out to my teddy bear now.....urgh leeks. just as bad as tomatoes. and onions. they are all out to rule. watch your back!!!

Gemma Boys - 14 years ago
EW! tomatos are vile and GROSS! my mum always has these masses of cherry tomato plants, and every year she picks them, cooks them, plants more, and theres ALWAYS all these tomatos laying around, the dogs pick them, chew them up USUALLY ON MY BED! and so from this influx of tomatos i have gained a pretty chronic fear... and to make it worse i work at a IGA and people bring tomatos WITHOUT BAGS through the checkout and i have to force myself to touch them.. eww.... xD :]

ringworm - 14 years ago
i've hated tomatoes for as long as i can remember but it got worse over time! they are disgusting.. a few weeks ago someone thought it would be funny and threw one on me i had a panic attack and started to cry, it's definetly not a joke. i'm actually about to cry looking at this tomato picture to the right of me. come near me with a tomato and i will blow your head off

Adrian C. Selby - 14 years ago
WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys have no life!!!!! Talking bad about a tomato like its a person.......You people have issues get other topics to waste your time on not a fucking food that feeds billions you RETARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahmad - 14 years ago
WHY TOMATO IN 80% or more of our food !!! and 10000 of people ask not to add tomato , omg its in everything , i dont like them and i'm a vagetrian ,, maybe once i ate fish by mistake but i'll never put a tomato in my mouth ever

hannah - 14 years ago
i have a phobia of tomatoes... there really disgusting and wrong. i want to shoot and burn them all. without touching them that is.... join me?!!?!?!??!?!?!???

Chantelle - 14 years ago
My family is of Italian descent and everything we were forced to eat as children had tomatoes in it. I always knew there was something unsavoury and evil about it, and used to sneak away to bury my dinner in the garden. To my delight it was discovered I am allergic to tomatoes, that was the happiest day of my life! But they still offer me their vile tomato-infested dishes at every opportunity. Ugh.

Mr. X - 14 years ago
Last week, I was putting gas in my lawnmower. I accidentally spilled a little on the lawn. Everything died including all the grass and every single weed in a two foot circle. A little plant started to grow in the middle, and I was very excited. Within a very short time, it had grown to about 3 feet, with large leaves. Next thing you know, it starts growing tomatoes. What the hell kind of plant grows in gasoline? It can't be good for you.

Tommy Welland - 14 years ago
Tomatos are the featus of the devil i tell you. The way they look is far too similar to raw flesh in a babys arm, how could i possibly touch it let alone eat it if i see it like that???

missy - 15 years ago
I HATE them, my dad has a garden and grows like a million of them. Every year he tries to give some to me forgetting (once again) that i hate them. People that grow them are always so proud to offer them to you, like you are priveledged to be one of the "chosen"..

blametomatoes - 15 years ago
since i was small my family have grown tomatoes, ate tomatoes and yes, squeezed tomatoes. But it's strange how i'm actually disgusted and quite terrified of tomato seeds.. I can happily gorge off fleshy tinned tomatoes or even fresh, but it's when you squeeze a tomato and the skin gradually bursts, leading to a gooey frogs porn-esque group of seeds seeping out onto your plate , hand or mouth! I can't look at them! I've even tried hiding tomatoes between layers of various sandwich fillings and thick crusty bread.. IT DOESN'T WORK! should i just give up on tomatoes all together? should i just give up on life? someone help me with my tomaphobia.

Beluga - 15 years ago
But can't you hear the tomato scream and scream and scream for its life when you bite down into it? Cuz I sure can! And I don't want to hurt any living thing! Its even worse when you have a whole entire tomato plant and you forget to water it. THen it begs and begs and begs. Quietly because it is getting weak. You might not hear that unless you listen real hard. Probably, you should water it then.

Champiñón Asesino - 15 years ago
Hablantes hispanos! Anti tomates y pro tomates! Ha sido creado el mas grande (Y único) ejercito contra los tomates! El E.M.E.T (Ejercito Maléfico para la Ejecución de los Tomates) Nuestro proposito es reducir a los maléficos tomates para que solo sean ingeridos por aquellos que los disfruten! Nunca mas trocitos de tomate en la ensalada de lechuga que pediste! Nunca mas aquel tomate escurridizo en tu sandwich!!! Los requisitos para unirse son: - Ser una fruta-vegetal-planta comestible mutante, malevolo y genéticamente alterado (Y crear un nombre como "La Aceituna Homicida" y un perfil) - Odiar los tomates de forma obsesiva (o suficiente para dejarlos pudrirse) o amarlos para comerlos mucho - Aceptar todas las locas teorías sobre la malignidad de los tomates y sus espinas - No ser un amargado cuyo unico proposito en la vida es corromper las ideas originales. - Ser raro Si cumples con todos los requisitos, manda un mail a con tu informacion!! Somos una comunidad pequeña, pero creceremos y derrotaremos a los tomates!! Es facil unirse! Atte El Champiñon Asesino, Presidente PD: And E.A.T.E in english coming soon! PD2: Tambien pueden unirse a la campaña del flan. Mas información pidanla a

Yunis - 15 years ago
finally i found what i'm looking for, i eat anything except tomato, i never ate it and i never will, i hate it so much and i love anyone who hate it too..., believe me all problems i had in my life was caused by tomatoes.., here in morocco we were living in peace and everything was good for thousand years, until the stupid fucking spaniards discover the new world and bring tomatoes here.., i wish i was living before that time.., everytime i order something, i have to be sure that i say "without tomato" other people say that i only want to get attention ps : i agree with you all tomato hater...

- 15 years ago
The claim that tomatoes are not a vegetable is untrue. They are both a fruit AND and vegetable. The two are not mutually exclusive.

eliot - 15 years ago
I hate tomatoes. The image of tomatoes has instilled fear in me since birth. I hate the smell of tomatoes growing in our garden, it makes me nautious. they should be eliminated before something like marijuana.

jordan - 15 years ago
you all are a bunch of fucking lunatics, you know that right? okay...good.

m8r-h8r - 15 years ago
Stupid freaking tomato-heads!!! They're ruining the world! Down with the m8r-heads!!!!

tomatoguy - 15 years ago
Tomato's win, you lose...period. The tomato is probably the best fruit on earth.

Sikk - 15 years ago
Tomatoes were always a total downer for me until I had the Burger King Veggie Burger which, unbeknownst to me had a thick slice of tomatoe in it. I was shocked when, half way through my burger, I realized I'd been consuming... tomato. But I didn't take it off. All of a sudden I realized the value of the tomato as a flavor and a texture. So it all worked out, you know?

my naem si JAKE - 15 years ago

Dawn - 15 years ago
Tomatoes are Evil!!!!

whiskeymoloch - 16 years ago
when i was a whelp i used ketchup to wash my hair once, but that's not why i hate tomatos. i hate tomatos because they are best friends with cheese. tomatos and cheese are vile corruptors and need to be stopped

Aaron - 16 years ago
I will not eat any tomatoe product its really wierd but I duno where it all started, now its come to the point where I have trouble eating any kind of sauce. Never thought this many people had the same phobia.

Amy - 16 years ago
Tamatos are good ;,]

- 16 years ago
I ate a tomato once and I pooped red stuff for three day's

schupper - 16 years ago
Tomatoes are the devil's food/ They always appear wjen you don't want them. I hate tometoes since I was a child. I remember one day a huge tometo ran after me in the garden' since then i swore I will try not to have any connection with them. But they always appear and they are always there. In every salad, sandwich and Pizza. Who needs them? The worst about tomatoes is not their color , or even theur taste (I presume) it's their awfull texture!!! Why there isn't even one normal plate in Italian restaurant without a vicious tomato inside. Soon we are going to have a child- I don't know whether I should give him/her to eat tomatoes( you know, some say it is important) or to save him /her from this horrorable expirience. May god help us all.

Mr Pizzapasta - 16 years ago
Heya you nasty people! I ama very upaset thata you theenk my lovely fruit isa making youa sad. COmea round to mya place for somea lovely pastas in toamtoes! Cioa!

Sandra - 16 years ago
Tomatoes are evil. They are squishy and have seriously nasty seeds that slide around when you are trying carefully not to touch them so you won't be poisoned.

Hillbilly Riff - 16 years ago
consider the following ... What is the worst smell in the world ? The skunk. What is the only thing on earth that will get rid of skunk stink ??? Tomato juice. I offer this as irrefutable evidence that tomatoes are vile.

jack evans da goat - 16 years ago
ban tomatoes and also we kill spanish people...mostly basques as they introduced tomatos...through the lord emperor tomas the tomato lugg....hail all the goats and lebos..i rub toms tomatos all over my hairy chest in protest to these vile tomas tomatoes

Kris Thompson - 16 years ago
I love your site! Of course I love tomatos, too--they're the taste of summer, but I got a kick out of reading the "fact" list. Thanks for making my birthday more entertaining.

Alyssa - 16 years ago
I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who absolutely HATES tomatoes. I don't understand why pre-made sandwiches automically come with tomatoes. It's soooo annoying!!

Matthias Wilde - 16 years ago
All you anti-tomato-supporters: the real enemy is the potato! the tomato is just a red herring!

bob - 16 years ago

BongMasteR - 16 years ago
So I'm working at a client's office right, and they offer me lunch, but I dont expect to be there long so I decline. But I struggle with the job and after a while the smell of roasting cheese fills my nose and I ever so humbly request a sandwich. And what do the bastards bring me?? Cheese and turd (tomato)!! Did I ask for turd on my food?? So being clients I cant reject it after all that and had to eat it. I almost died. it was just as bad as I always expected it to be. I've hated them since I can remember dont know why but I know it's righteous! KILL TOMATOES!!!

Amy the Tomato Hater - 16 years ago
Of any food on the planet, I HATE tomatoes the worst. I've hated them as long as i can remember. I tried to eat one once as a kid because it was all that came out of our garden in abundance and everyone else seemed to love them. I nibbled the outside away and was quite sick when i got to the middle which was unedible. BARF. Once when i was 17 or so i ordered a burrito from Taco Bell without tomatoes and it had tomatoes. I was so sick the next day. Not the beers fault - Entirely due to unwanted tomatos. i will spend however much time it takes to pick them out of food. Its a mess too. Slimy little creatures. I grew a few plants when i moved to my house. The ones I wasn't able to give away are still in the bottom of my freezer becasue I can't figure out how to make chili without hunks of tomato. i once blew a fuse and was slightly electrocuted using a hand mixer in a pot of chili to get rid of tomato chunks. Barf!! They are only popular becasue they grow so well. Like a freaking weed. People who eat them are stupid. No BLT's in my house. Just BL's. I would NEVER buy a tomato or except one for free. I hate seeing them advertised at restaurants like they are doing us a favor putting that slimey thing on sandwhiches. After typing this, I feel i hold a grudge against tomatos even deeper then i knew. They are a crappy fruit. I can't imagine even being starving to death and happy to see a tomato. Gross beyond words. Bloody Mary? No freaking way - Just poor me a beer.

chazdog - 16 years ago
you guys are seriously sad! now if you will excuse me im going to anti cabbage .com wierdos

Jerry - 16 years ago
Why the Hell do some cooks think that they must put onions, green peppers, and tomatoes in everything? Once they do it the food is ruined you can't get rid of that taste and have a ring of fire and gut aces for days any cook that uses onions, green peppers, and tomatoes together should have his fingers cut off when he's chopping the onions!

dizzle nizzle - 16 years ago
joe, i feel your pain. i once yodled down the canyon of a fine young tomato, only.. the next morning i woke up and the fucking thing was stuck in my butthole. it was a shame, i didn't put it up there.. it made me wonder how many fucking tomatoes like the smell of a man's ass. im scared of tomatoes.

Joe Virginio - 16 years ago
Someone told me that making love to a tomato was the best ever. SO OF COURSE I HAD TO TRY IT!!!!!!!!!! It was the worst thing ever. Fucking lying sacks of shit, they basically ruined everything for me. I can't go to dinners that have tomatoes around without feeling distant and awkward like some creep or something. I hate onions too!!!!

Michael Ballentyne - 16 years ago
My wife and I got married 11 years ago and one of the most logical reasons we could think of... we both hate tomatoes! Its a marriage made in heaven as our salids are always tomato free. We do have issues about whether or not to pass this on to our children but they don't seem to like them anyway.

Tom - 16 years ago
I feel like ive found a brotherhood, im 23 and have never eaten a tomato it reminds me of raw flesh and it makes me want to gag, i have had people throw them at me and break them over my paperwork in the office people think its just funny its ridiculous that i can't even touch them, i gave up cucumbers aswell as they made me think thats what a tomato would taste like

Jill - 16 years ago
I can't stand the little fuckers either. They just sit in my folk's garden, taunting me.....right along side their evil friend the onion. GOD how I hat onions. It ruins my ENTIRE day if I find a tomatoe or onion in my Sub Sammich, etc....after i specified that I would like NONE OF THESE IN MY FOOD! I even go as far as to say I'm allergic to them so people take me serious. GUUGGHHH... well, that's my venting story...Thanks fer reading it!

splid - 16 years ago
I fukcing feel ripped off because I always order with "no tomatoes" and save the restaurant some money and do they say thanks no and then half the time they put them on anyway and even if you take them off there is no way to get rid of all the slimy seeds that still taste like fucjing tomato! Maybe order tomato on the side maybe even extra tomato and throw those disgusting slimy seedy slices in the trash which is where they belong! Fuck tomato conformity and resist pressure to conform! Same for zuchini too.

Pollo Morado - 16 years ago
You are all wasting your time... you built a whole site to tell everyone that you hate tomatoes?? Damn! Whats next, a motherfucking forum on tomatoes?

Olivia - 17 years ago
Thank god i'v found, people who share the same anti-bloody tomato life as i do. the smell, look and shape makes me sick. i spend much of my time, when eating a meal at a friends house picking and seaching for the dreaded demon which is the TOMATO. The thing i hate most about them is the pips, with all the jelly kinda gew around. i cant bare the thought of even thinking of eating one. this is truely a phobia for life. serouisly i could write an essay about how i hate them!!

Muslickz - 17 years ago
"My Name Is Tomato" by Muslickz My Name is Tomato - call me Tom for short. I entered this country without a passport. Ever since then I've made lots of scum rich. Some have been murdered and found in a ditch. I'm more valued than diamonds, more treasured than gold. Eat me just once and you too will be sold. I'll make a school boy forget his books. I'll make a beauty queen forget her looks. I'll take a renowned speaker and make him a bore. I'll take your mother and make her a whore. I'll make a teacher forget how to teach. I'll make a preacher not want to preach. I'll take all your rent money and you'll be evicted. I'll murder your babies, or they'll be addicted. I'll make you rob, and steal, and kill. When you're under my power, you will have no will. Remember, my friend, my name is "Big T". If you try me one time, you may never be free. I have destroyed many actors, politicians and heroes. I've decreased bank accounts from millions to zero. I'll make shootings and stabbing a common affair. Once I take charge, you won't have a prayer. Now that you know me, what will you do? You'll have to decide - it's all up to you. Listen to me, and please listen well, When you ride with Tomatoes, you're headed for hell.

undesirablerabbi - 17 years ago
My grandmother used to eat those fucking things raw with salt. It was like watching a wrinkled skinned, denture-zombie eating flesh from the stomach of an infant. It fucked me up something fierce. To this day I can't stand that squishing sound when one is smashed or stomped. If I was ever sprayed by a skunk I'd rather take a shower in a bukkake bucket than have to pour tomato juice all over me. Tomatoes are to vegetables and fruit was the Holocaust was to the Jews. I can't believe the nerve of my grandmother, eating those shits raw in front of my innocent eyes like some sort of starved raven picking out the eyes of the dead and bloated. I'm sorry, I have to go throw up right now. Tomatoes make me sick to my stomach.

Bill Niles - 17 years ago
To tomatoe or not to tomatoe not even a ? For the record I must say that if you trully don't enjoy tomatoes as I do there must be something trully wrong with your taste in foods. I would imagine most people that don't like or eat tomatoes smoke a tobacco product and really can't taste food so they will have to miss out on the best that nature has to offer. But all is not lost there is more for us to enjoy and it will happily be your loss. Bill (Indiana)

CLSTMTO - 17 years ago
All of you are morons. Please ban tomatoes? What the hell is your problem?get a grip it's a god damned food. Jesus!

Suraj - 17 years ago
It is holi in Bangalore,India,rite now.We usually throw coloured dyes and at the most eggs at each other but dis time dey(ma frnz)went a step ahead.Dey threw da unthinkable-da damn tomatoes.I cannot bear it,i feel like everythin is over.Dis is torcher.I had a bath for 2 hours but i`m still smellin like tomato.I wish none has to go thru such a thing ever,includin ma enemies.Plz ban tomatoes.Otherwise da world over people will suffer.

L - 17 years ago
Okay, so like others here, I hate tomatoes. I have a real aversion to the actual raw tomato, to the point of nausea, whether real or imagined. It started, like so many others, when I was forced to eat a cherry tomato as a child during a dinner. Now, I thought it looked good at the time, but when I took that first squishy, icky bite, I nearly choked to death! The taste made me gag, and I practically threw up. My family told me I just had to "get used" to them. Well, it's been more than 30 years, and I'm still not "used" to them. Nor have I "acquired" a taste for them. The only thing is, I hate the raw tomato, but I like most of the products made from tomato, like ketchup, spaghetti sauce, pizza, even salsa! Don't ask me why... But still, I really abhor sliced raw tomatoes. And I can't stand stewed tomatoes. If I get tomatoes on some other food, I'll usually pick off all the tomatoes. Thank goodness I'm not the only one... in my circle of friends, I know a few others who also hate tomatoes. It's nice to know I'm not alone in this. Kudos to all of those brave enough to withstand the torment of tomato eaters! I know how you feel... Let's stick together on this, and fight for our right for tomato-free food!

Scrotum - 17 years ago
Fuck a tomato

kalijah - 17 years ago
i hate tomato

#1 Tomato LOVER - 17 years ago
Oh my "anti tomato" people are LAME. My brother doesn't like tomatos either but he isn't a crazy freak like you guys. I think im allergic to raw tomatos also but the taste of tomatoes is so orgasmic i can't help but eat them Every Chance i get!!! Long live the TOMATO!!!

Ray Camp - 17 years ago
My mother would can tomatoes from our garden and serve her favorite dish all year long: Stewed tomatoes. She would add them to everything she cooked. Big chunks of tomato. She was a believer in not letting me up until I ate everything on my plate. I should of called CPS. To this day I gag just thinking about this so-called fruit.

Michael - 17 years ago
I wonder how many people remember last time you ordered a whopper and forgot to say no tomatoes and bit into it. Its like remembering where you were when you heard the titanic sunk.

Emma Campbell - 18 years ago
My first tomato was like a gift from satan. Now, I'm not opposed to these fruits being cooked thoroughly and added to sauces, but they are revolting raw. Basically, everytime I eat one I feel like a slug is sticking its fingers down my throat. I want to gag. But y'know the worst thing? No matter how many people I continously tell about my phobia, I'm still continually served those hellish things!

Hunter - 18 years ago
The first time I tried a tomato (cherry tomato) I gagged, retched, and vomited a little bit in my mouth. The next time I tried a tomato several years later(grape tomato) I gagged and retched (no vomit)

Mr. Nine Lives - 18 years ago
this site rocks... I have been a life-long hater of tomatoes. I thought I was alone, lots of people eat them all the time. However, to me, they are poison. And they stink. And they feel squishy and cold ... gross !!! And the seeds are slimy. And they stain. And that's just too much bullshit to take from one food (I don't even give a fuck if it is a fruit or a vegetable ; all I know is that they are poison). Fuck tomatoes.

Jake - 18 years ago
Basically I think the tomato is very tasteless. Why do most people like tomato's? I can't figure it out. They bring nothing to dishes in which they are added. The famous spegetti sauce would be nothing without all the other vegitables (oinions, carrots, ect...). If you want to know what tomatoes really taste like try cooking some tomatoes and then just adding in a few spices. What you get will be a bland taste of nothingness. What a awful fruit. The tomato is worthless. But not only is it tasteless and a poor ingredient in dishes, but it also is a lousy fruit. One of the submitions to this site asked "why are tomato's never in fruit salad?". The answer is simple, they suck compared to other fruits. Oranges, pineapples, blueberries, ect... are all much more delicious. Basically tomato's are a substandard fruit that gain acceptance due to the fact that they are in the vegitable section. Tomato's are for bland tasteless people who don't know how to cook. Basically people who like tomatoes are worthless, ignorant scum.

John Doe - 18 years ago
I hate tomatoes. Tomatoes gave me cancer, AIDS, clamydia, made me lose my wife and three kids, my job and my friends. My life was happy, and then all of sudden the tomatoes stepped in. It is hell now, i tell you, it is hell. A true tomato-shaped hell. So, when you eat a tomato, remember me. BAN TOMATOES! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

Michele P. - 18 years ago
I'm apparently allergic to raw tomatoes. When I discovered this, I naturally asked for food "with no tomatoes." Well, this story took place a few years ago. Me and my best friend went to a Mexican-esque chain restaurant. I ordered my usual, with the "no tomatoes" request. We got our order and checked it. Tomatoes. Went through the drive thru again. Checked again. More tomatoes. We had to go into the restaurant and talk to a manager. She didn't care. She even told me to "quit whining and eat your order." Now, I have SEVERE reactions (very gross)to raw tomatoes. She'd pissed me off, so I basically swallowed the entire thing. 3 minutes later, you could see and hear my stomach churning. About 30 secs-1 min. after, I projectile vomitted all over the counter, walls, floor, everything. HA!!! Take that!!!

amanda - 18 years ago
I HATE TOMATOES. I never liiked them and i never will. plus my best friend died chokin on a tomato. I would have a best friend if tomatoes never existed. TOMATOES MUST PAY!!

lindzo - 18 years ago
Tomatoes suck fuckin' cock! I remember one time at work when a lady came in talking about her husband (who is a fellow tomatoe hater)and how he ordered pizza with no sauce (way to go) and then she told us about how he is missing out on the best food in the world (that sicko) and sometime she will just go to the resturant and order him an onion-stuffed tomatoe (god that is sick) i had to leave the room. i felt sick to my stomache. This is why i also hate onions. stupid fucking tomatoes and onions... I am so happy that there are other like me who also hate the tomato. Well, have a tomato-free day!

civilian - 18 years ago
I never thought I'd end up hating tomatoes. I mean, I eat them (or I used to, when they were allowed in the house), I used to cook with them... you know; spaghetti, lasgna, enchiladas, pizza... Then Steve moved in. He's a hater. A serious tomatohater. It began with a childhood post-ketchup barforama, and has now become a full-blown phobia. To make things even more entertaining, he's a vegetarian. Eats nothing that has a face. So, everything I ever grew up eating or cooking is history. The best part is, and this is really why I HATE tomatoes, every time we eat out he has to order each dish specifically whith "no tomatoes" which, guarantees the special sauce! He'll say he's allergic. Then, when the food comes, if it's not obviously tomato-free, he'll sit and pick through it and make me help inspect and taste each suspicious morsel! Sometimes he has to send it back, sometimes he just pushes his plate away and expects to watch me eat. Life would be so much simpler if there had never been tomatoes.. it's really not that big of a deal! I don't want to engage in this war on tomatoes... I just want to get on with my life. I hate tomatoes!

Dave DaSquirrel - 18 years ago
I hate that damn fruit ITS GAY. I mean its a fruit but its not in fruit cocktail, its in salads but not a fruit salad why is that? I'll tell you why, cause its GAY!!! It decieves us by trying to hide as a veggie damn the tomato and its covert ways. DAMN THE TOMATO TO HELL. I wonder could Bush spell tomato can I spell tomato. Either way BAN THAT GAY AS FRUIT/VEGGIE THING STRAIGHT TO HELL. signed Dave. P.S. Sorry if I offended any Heterosexually challenged tomato hating people out there.

Hillbilly Riff - 18 years ago
Back in the day, a "friend" told me that it felt good to rub a tomato on your scrotum. So I did. It was not good. So now I don't like tomatoes .... I don't like anything you can't safely rub on your balls. Thank you for your attention.

Natalie - 18 years ago
You guys really need a life! I like to sit on tomatoes and rub my butt on the slimy seeds!

timmy b - 18 years ago
what a waste of time making a website about hating tomatoes get out more u twats

timmy b - 18 years ago
whats wrong with all u anti tomato people u are all homosexuals and u secrectly rub them all over and get turned on u bunch of gay faggots. ps. I FUCKING LUVVVVVVV THEM

_ - 18 years ago
not anti-tomato, To anti-tomato.. I LOVE TOMATOES!!! ^^ ¿É°®µÄ·¬ÇÑÊÇÊÀ½çÉÏ×î×î¿É°®µÄ¶«!! ÎÒ°®Ð¡·¬ÇÑ!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE TOMATOES!!

Bob - 18 years ago
Hmmm.... someone actually took the time to dedicate their very own web-page to this sad venture. I quite intensely enjoy a good tomato, when the juice runs down my chin. :) You don't know what you're missing. I leave you with this thought, it must be a fruitless endeavor (excuse the pun) to dedicate a page to that of a tomato or anti-tomato. I mean (laced in sarcasm), I can certainly see how world hunger, violence in the middle east, acts of anger and terrorism are far less a threat than that dreadful fruit. Find a new hobby.

MNM_hater - 18 years ago
I really, really hate tomatoes because everytime I see one, I remember my former teacher whose nose is so huge, just like a tomato. And it swells!!! Yuck!!! I really, really hate my teacher, too. She always gets angry for no reason and she's always spoiling my day!!! I really, really hate that fuckin' bitch!!! I just wish she was dead!!! I just wish I never met her...Now, I hate tomatoes because of her damn, stupid, fuckin' face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christina Singleton - 18 years ago
Tomatoes are evil, Tomatoes are bad. Tomatoes make me angry, Tomatoes make me sad. I hate ketchup, I hate pizza. Speaking of tomatoes, I never eat them. People think I'm crazy, Crazy in the head. People who eat tomatoes, I wish they were dead. Hmmm...what should I say? I wish the tomatoes Would just go away. The attack of the killer tomatoes everyone's gonna die, You're dead, Good bye.

Russ - 18 years ago
You all are the kind of people that don't eat fish because of the smell. The kind of fools that don't eat shell fish because of the texture. and the kind of people whose penis' lay limp at 40 because of prostate cancer. Shame on you.

Ivy - 18 years ago
When I was a child I had VERY hot hot chocolate. Iy was so hot that it burnned the roof of my mouth off. Now, if I ever have tomatoes, I get acid burns in my mouth! I am sick of getting burned!!!!!

Tomato Lover - 19 years ago
One thing is certain: there are a lot of illiterate tomato-haters out there with no particular calling in life except to vent there pap here... what a waste

Gamze - 19 years ago
Hi! I'm a tomato hater from Turkiye. Many tourists here say the best tomatoes they ever ate is in Turkey. My family says I am missing so much. But I can't touch, cut or taste a tomato. In restaurants they don't understand me and I have to say I'm allergic. Sometimes they take the tomato from the plate, but I have to wipe that part of the plate so there is no water and seeds left(disgusting!!!). In McDonald's I say give me a burger- only bread and meat. I also can't eat many other vegetables and fruits. I love all types of meat, fish, chicken, chocolate and coke. The food I hate most is tomato, and I especially can't stand food which is watery and seedy. I feel like throwing up. I do want to change because this is terrible for my health. I want to go to a phsychotherapist as soon as I have enough money for that. Everyone looks at me like I'm a weirdo when I try to explain, and I never go to dinner parties because they always have to have the damn tomato in everything! Any way someone can help? What's the name of this problem? Is this Neurosis? What is it???!!

Brad - 19 years ago
It all stems back to my childhood and one of my first ever memories of growing up. At dinner time I was as happy as a pig in shit before I was forced to eat salads and tomatoes. I would of been happy to just keep on eating that mushy baby food with all its weird and wonderful flavours, but no, salad is good for us! Anyway, I puked the first time I tried the tomato, but my parents couldn't give a damn, so they kept on feeding me that evil stuff. Here's where initiative comes into play - when they weren't looking I used to stuff that crap anywhere I could - down my pants, in vases, ornaments, in my sister's bowl, out the window etc. It was much of an effort to attempt this every night, but well worth it. Thanks for listening and say NO! to tomatoes.

scott sorenson - 19 years ago
The other day a friend was ill and asked me to pick her up some chicken soup, bananas and a tomato or two. It was an emotionally difficult task, given my hatred of this most revolting foodstuff, but she was sick and all so I gave it a go. After staring at the stack of tomatoes in the store for about three minutes, and seeing as how there was nobody around I could ask to complete the chore for me, it became evident that I would have to grab a few plastic bags and wrap them around my hand in order to pick up the vile things up. The day after, my therapy session ran a bit longer than usual.

Peter Evans - 19 years ago
The anti-cancer connection is nonsense. I love tomatoes, especially tomato sandwiches. So I eat lots of them, far more than most people. In 1990 I contracted prostate cancer at age 55. That's young for the disease. So how come tomatoes didn't shield me? This food-as-medicine stuff is all nonsense as far as I'm concerned.

Tammy - 19 years ago
MMMmmmmmmm I hated them my whole life but now that I quit smoking and I eat much healthier I can't get enough of them! From the little cherry and grape tomatoes to the big fat juicy red ones. Mmmmmmmmm :) More for me you freaks.

Jessica - 19 years ago
I got a job in a greenhouse this summer. Know what we do? We package tomatoes. ALL DAY LONG I touch, breathe, sort, package, put stickers on, gather, and separate tomatoes of every size, shape, and color. Can you even imagine??

Joe Masin - 19 years ago
I think its gr8 what you guys are doing for the World ;) I fuggin hate tomatoes....and remember a salad without tomatoes is like Coffee without iron filings...

Christina Singleton - 19 years ago
I hate tomatoes. They are nothing but evil. I wish I could just kill them all. My mom says that I hate tomatoes because I want attention. That the only reason I tell people I hate tomatoes is to get them to throw those evil things on me. I hate them, why would I want them on me. I refer to people who eat, touch, fuck, or do anything with tomatoes as objects. My therapists are always asking me to explain why I hate tomatoes. But no matter what they do I can't tell them they won't understand BECAUSE THEY EAT TOMATOES! UGH! Tomatoes are the fucking reason we have so many problems in the world. Why do objects have cancer? Why do objects murder other objects? Why are there so many problems in the world? Hmmm... IT'S THE FUCKING TOMATOES I TELL YOU. Those objects just don't listen. I don't even know why I have to see a therapist or two. I HAVE NO FUCKING PROBLEM! That's all I have to say. Peace out and stay tomato-free! Love all you tomato haters.

James King - 19 years ago
Here's a little know fact about the tomato, and why it deserves the bad pulicity it gets on this site... In the 1500's... Those with money had plates made of pewter. Food with high acid content caused some of the lead to leach onto the food, causing lead poisoning and death. This happened most often with tomatoes, so for the next 400 years or so, tomatoes were considered poisonous.

billy - 19 years ago
I ate a red one. I ate a green one. I ate a yellow one, then I turned blue

Krissy - 19 years ago
/No ketchup?! How do you people gather? I have never met two consecutive or non-consecutive ketchup-haters(or tomato haters), so I suppose this can't be a "social" congregation. Nope; it just isn't possibly. You must be socially inverted to the point of perversion. It seems odd to be cursed with such an obscure hobby. I'm sure your conversations CAN go past "oh, I fuckin hate tomatoes.", to which you might reply, "Oh yeah, man. I really fuckin' hate 'em too". I'm sure you guys do a whole lotta fist-shakin', but I don't know how much satisfaction you people get in public. I'm bet you're all D&D vid-kids and Monty Burns's with snotty-child temperments activated by ANYTHING that may have been associated with a tomato. Maybe some of you were those kids that were justified when you ran to the bathroom at some birthday party when someone made fun of you for not liking ketchup, and you screamed louder than anyone, "Shut up, you idiot! I'm allergic! I could have died!" And then everyone felt sorry for you and you were satisfied. No ketchup?! No Sir, you just ain't right. I would follow this up with a fist-shake, but I don't want to stoop to your level./

Tim - 19 years ago
blech!!!!!! I avoid them like a vegetarian would with meat.

Lynn - 19 years ago
What's one thing I wouldn't touch even if I were starving to death, the incredible unedible tomato! My taste for those despicable puke stimulaters dies a little each day, and they keep me remembering what nausea is. Unless I'm going way out of my way to be polite, I won't eat anything on my own terms containing them. I make my hot dogs with mustard only and fries with just salt. I can hardly stand the thought of pizza and spaghetti anymore, and you probably wouldn't find it past my teeth in the future. I had chop suey for dinner tonight, and what was left at the bottom of the bowl when I finished? A pile of stewed tomatoes.

Keith Hipkins - 19 years ago
You don't have to eat tomatoes any more, and you can still enjoy your ketchup, because the purple ketchup purple katchup is made only from eggplants'n'concord grapes'n'amethysts; and the green katchup is made from zucchini skins'n'the stuff in tobacco worms'n'dyed pizza crusts from the dumpster behind Mickey D's. So it's okay. All the girls down at the processing plant in Leamington said so while they were on an illegal smoke break, eh!

Blizz - 19 years ago
I could not imagine a world without tomatoes. I am a lover of the juicy red berry and I am aware of their darkside. But I also believe that the Tomato can co-exist in harmony with other life forms as long as you are aware of their darside. In this time of war I hope all the vegetables, berries and fruit can just get together and make a salad. ..and remember salsa without tomatoes, is just peppers and onions.

tom - 19 years ago
I ran across your web sight, and was stunned. How could anyone hate tomatoes. I love them, especially in the summer when you can get home grown ones. I like to lick a place on the outside of the tomato, then sprinkle some salt on the wet place. I then take as big a bite as I can. The juice and seeds dribble down by chin and onto my shirt. There is nothing finer. Sometimes I like to chop up a tomato and eat it with cottage cheese, with salt and pepper. You guys are nuts. Tomatoes are good

Patnya - 19 years ago
I HATE TOMATOES, there just useless, stupid red balls that splat when they hit the ground, they dont do anything but get eaten by strange freaky people that like tomatoes. DOWN WITH TOMATOES, the government doesn't make much money from tomatoes why should he export them, war is the same as tomatoes government spends more money thans hes getting so eventualy the world will die and rot because of tomatoes.

Tara - 19 years ago
Okay Jacob S, I hope your happy... In the produce isle at the market, I went to grab some carrots for Christmas Dinner. Not looking at my feet (normal people don't watch their feet), I stepped on something round that made me fly in the air. A tomato was on the ground and I think it was on perpose but anywayz, I slipped and fell on my back. The docters said I stunned it. Ever since then, I look at my feet and stay clear of tomatos. YOU SHOULD TOO!...

Riff - 19 years ago
I would like to respond to those who say that tomatoes are useless. I have studied hard to find a good, positive use for tomatoes ... you can stick them up your ass to keep the gerbils out. That's about all I can think of ... Thank you for your attention.

Liquid G - 19 years ago
I just have to say that if it wasn't for tomotoes, I wouldn't be the bitter person that I am today. I never thought that a little red ball of gooey seeds would ever pervert me and create the disgusting self that I look at in the mirror every day. It all started late in 1998 when I ordered a chicken Caesar salad from my favorite restaurant. When I got it, it looked good, but as I ate, I noticed that my throat was tightening and my airway was becoming restricted. It turns out that the glaze on the chicken was tomato based and although I didn't see any red goo on my meal I was consuming the putrid, red devil called tomato. Several weeks later I awoken in a hospital bed with a hot red-headed nurse over me. She was telling me how lucky I was to be alive after the allergic reaction that I had. It turns out that I have a deathly allergic reaction towards tomatoes and the meal that I had coulda been my last. I missed my wedding because of that incident and my fiance didn't believe the story that I am telling here. she thought that I was just a liar and unworthy of her everlasting love. Now I spend my days alone and heartbroken, ever conscious of the tomato that put me here. To this I say that I will never forgive the red demon that so many unknowinly shove down their throats. And that I am alone because someone thought that a nice tomato glaze would better my dining pleasure......How wrong they were.


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Paris, Fuck them tomatoes

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I love cooked maters!, USA

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nsw, australia

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telford, uk

Chan Yan Ting - 14 years ago
Singapore, Singapore

Megan Perry - 14 years ago

Char - 14 years ago
Sydney, AUS

Nicola K - 14 years ago
Sydney, Australia

Mr Tom Welland - 14 years ago
Brighton , UK

rannia - 15 years ago
, Thailand

G3 Mohan - 15 years ago
State: Tomatophobia , USA

Gaya3 Mohan - 15 years ago
Champaign , USA

Ginginakadi - 15 years ago
, Porambokku

Tomatoes RULE - 15 years ago
Massapequa, NY

Mel Alsford - 15 years ago
Sydney, Australia

Archibald Trout - 15 years ago
Falkirk, Scotland

corin nesbit - 15 years ago
, United Kingdom

Lisa Day - 15 years ago
Saffron walden, UK

nanou hh - 15 years ago
lebanon, beirut

sajjad shirmo - 15 years ago
Hacienda Heights, ca, america

Nicola Mortley - 15 years ago
Horsham, England

Ester - 15 years ago
Santiago, Chile

Alex Smeeg - 15 years ago
Hungerford, UK

Anna - 15 years ago
London , Uk

Yunis EL ADIB - 15 years ago
Casablanca, Morocco

Paul Corrall - 15 years ago
London, Britain

Caroline Bannister - 15 years ago
Southampton, England

VirginiaLeach - 15 years ago

Margaret - 15 years ago
Canaseraga, USA

mike pribaz - 15 years ago
winfield, illinois

Ivan Mineff - 15 years ago
Burgas, Bulgaria

Ivan Mineff - 15 years ago
Burgas, Bulgaria

Dick Fitzner - 15 years ago
Palm Desert, Calif., USA

Rebecca - 15 years ago
, Scotland

Chantelle Sharp - 15 years ago
Cape Town, South Africa

Michelle - 15 years ago
San Diego, USA

Dawn - 15 years ago
Somerset, UK

Laura - 15 years ago
Liverpool, England

Whiskeymoloch - 16 years ago
down with tomatoes, bush's wasteland

Nina - 16 years ago
Tel aviv, Israel

PonG - 16 years ago
Bangkok, Thailand

Carolle - 16 years ago
Chatham, Canada

josh baily - 16 years ago
chicago, usa

schupper - 16 years ago
ramat gan, israel

Rotem Efrony - 16 years ago
Tel aviv, Israel

Andrea - 16 years ago
Niagara Falls, Canada

Fatracer - 16 years ago
Sarasota, USA

Joe Virgilo - 16 years ago
Punch tomatos in their face, America! Fuck Yeah!

Sharpie Fleming - 16 years ago
dallas, Wonderland

Alon Bar - 16 years ago
Tel Aviv, Israel

charlie sherman - 16 years ago
antitaomatoville, dietomatoland

Mark Thibault - 16 years ago
Mark, Canada

tomatoes suck disgusting - 16 years ago
Johannesburg south-africa, i'd rather eat turd than tomatoe

Pascal Diener - 16 years ago
Zürich, Switzerland

Jared Strong - 16 years ago
AUSTRALIA, tomatoes killed my wife , and raped my daughter

Pat Maxwell - 16 years ago
terrigal, AUSTRALIA

Julie Hall - 16 years ago
Los Cristianos, Tenerife

Dave Leyc - 16 years ago
Cranford, NJ

Tomatoes should die - 16 years ago

Owen Bird - 16 years ago
Castro Valley, California

John Kelemen Jr - 16 years ago
London, England

Tomato bin Turban - 16 years ago
Tomatobad, Afghanistan

Jack Marshall - 16 years ago
I'll pop your maters tomato lover, NC

Stella - 16 years ago
Philadelphia, PA

Crimson Magick - 16 years ago
Bristol, VT, Die tomatoes!!! -laughs maniacally-

Ben Carter - 17 years ago
UK, Tomatoes are the devil's berry..

Bertie Carter - 17 years ago
Lewes , UK

Emin Koç - 17 years ago
Istanbul, 212

Matt - 17 years ago
London, Only good thing Tomatos ever did was kill Elvis!

Frank Pascale - 17 years ago
Windsor Locks, Conn, USA

The King is Dead - 17 years ago
Augusta, GA, tomatoes killed elvis

Mater Hater - 17 years ago
Augusta, GA, Eve ate a tomato, now look what happened!

Jocelyn - 17 years ago
Sunnyvale, CA

Iget Illfromtomatoes - 17 years ago
Washington, DC, USA

Welcome aboard Doug! Glad to have you! - 17 years ago
Andy - mater masher, KS

Fester - 17 years ago
Sux, KAK

Luv - 17 years ago
Me Some, Maters!

Doug - once liked tomatoes, now hates 'em - 17 years ago
I really really don't like tomatoes, KS

Tomatoes are bad... - 17 years ago
m'kay..., bad tomatoes

Reema Rughani - 17 years ago
London, UK

Stuart Hudson - 17 years ago
Taplow, UK

glen jefferies - 17 years ago
leicestershire, uk

Chris Nelson - 17 years ago
Milton Keynes, UK

Graham Spinks - 17 years ago
Milton Keynes, UK

Athena Chrome - 17 years ago
somewhere, MA

Janet Duran - 17 years ago
Houston, Texas

Jose D.Lopez - 17 years ago
Houston, Texas

melissa heap - 17 years ago
albuquerque, nm

Glen Foster - 17 years ago
St. George, Utah

Laura Adams - 17 years ago
Montrose, Scotland

Douglas Lang - 17 years ago
Dallas , Tx

Denise - 17 years ago
Morrisville, NY

Blinky - 17 years ago
London, ON

Andrew Zahn - 17 years ago
Lake Worth, FLorida

Jonathan Wood - 17 years ago
Manchester, UK

Allen Smock - 17 years ago
Allendale, Michigan, USA

krm - 17 years ago
finley, washington

natasha - 17 years ago
kennewick, wash/usa

Cory Mills - 17 years ago
Lake Worth , FL

Matt McConaughey - 17 years ago
Lake Worth, Florida, USA

Mike Z - 18 years ago
Lenexa, Kansas

Joel Bubeck - 18 years ago
San Francisco, California, USA

Aaron Ashworth - 18 years ago
Rochdale, Lancs, UK

Mehul Patel - 18 years ago
Washington, DC

Kristian Hvesser - 18 years ago
Oslo, Norway

Jostein Kasbo - 18 years ago
Oslo, Norway

Offensive Donkey - 18 years ago
Donkeyville, Donkeyland

Tiny (The Chihuahua) - 18 years ago
Ryder, TN

kevin chaplin - 18 years ago
orpington, kent

louise east - 18 years ago
orpington, kent

Whitey - 18 years ago
Dumfries, Scotland

Dave Dasquirrel - 18 years ago

Aaron MacKenzie - 18 years ago
Windsor, Ontario Canada

Sergio Hernandez - 18 years ago
Windsor , Ontario via El Salvador

Mark St. Denis - 18 years ago
windsor, ontario Biotch

Jimmy Jibberish - 18 years ago
Atlanta, GA

breakfast evolution - 18 years ago
sydney, nsw australia

John Smith - 18 years ago
New York, My wife left me for a tomato.

Jennifer Freeman - 18 years ago
Denver, CO

Fernan Gonzalez - 18 years ago
Santiago, Chile

Angie Viskantas - 18 years ago
Farmington Hills, Michigan

Bill D'Alessandro - 18 years ago
Lockport, NY, This site should be revered as a sacred text.

George Bush - Tomatoes Sponsor Terrorism!!! - 18 years ago
Washington, DC

Kate Patton - 18 years ago
Gainesville, GA

Olly Conway - 18 years ago
Oxford, England

I Love Tomato's !!! - 18 years ago
Tomato's are Good, they are the Best thng in the world !!!

SALLY - 18 years ago
Sheffield, UK

leah cool - 18 years ago
milwukee, wisconsin

John Bernard - 18 years ago
Ednonton, AB

Gordon Smith - 18 years ago
Rugby, England

Kevin McLeod - 18 years ago
Tampa, Florida, USA

President George W. Bush - 18 years ago
Washington, D.C.

Kevin Smith - 18 years ago
Leonardo, New Jersey

Racheal - 18 years ago
Topeka, kansas

Caritioner - 18 years ago
Frederick, MD

TnMtnMn - 18 years ago
Morristown, Tennessee, USA

Cuyler Johnson - 18 years ago
thats not tomato juice shes wiping from her chin, IT IS MY JUICE!!!!!!!! what a slut re: signer 37

Steve Wilson - 18 years ago
Windsor, On

Mayor Eddie Francis - 18 years ago
Windsor, On

Diane L - 18 years ago
Rockwood, ON

Diana R. - 18 years ago
Bremerton, WA

Sally M. - 18 years ago
San Diego, CA

Steve - 18 years ago
Wigan, Manchester, UK (tomatoes runied my life)

Your Mom - 18 years ago
Boulder, CO

Dean S. - 18 years ago
Lafayette, Colorado

Chris Q. - 18 years ago
Louisville, KY

Tom Amos - 18 years ago
Stoke, UK

George Martin - 18 years ago
Seattle, WA

Colin Bizzarth - 18 years ago
Dallas, TX

Jason Zeigler - 18 years ago
allentown, PA

Christopher Tucker - 18 years ago
Rome, georgia

Christopher Tucker - 18 years ago
Rome, Ga

Colleen Marzullo - 18 years ago
Chicago, IL

Peter Knapp - 18 years ago
London, England

C. Breeds - 18 years ago
Auckland, New Zealand

Marty - 18 years ago
Beer, Houston,Tx.(Die TOMATOS)

donna - 18 years ago
london, uk

Snorlax T. Bum - 18 years ago
Tokyo, Japan

eXoduZ - 18 years ago
Rome, Italy

Andrew (i think) Ryan Perkins - 18 years ago
Abingdon, Maryland, United States

Rikki Fanchamps (Miss) - 18 years ago
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire/England

David Clifford Beach - 18 years ago
Columbus, OH

Angie - 18 years ago

patrick manning - 18 years ago
forestglade windsor, ONTARIO CANADA

Amy Smith - 18 years ago
Liverpool, England

David Troup - 18 years ago
Abingdon, UK

kristine - 18 years ago
lynchburg, va (muahahah tomatoes are evil)

Lindsay - 18 years ago
Dallas, TX

JuLeZ Angelita - 18 years ago
Ontario, Canada

Chris Lee - 18 years ago
Mountaintop, PA

Christy Peterson - 18 years ago
Jacksonville, Illinois, and yes I absolutely hate them!!!!!!!!!

Chloe Richmond - 18 years ago
Bonney Lake, Washington, United States of America

Benedetto - 18 years ago
Palermo, Italy

Karen Zainal - 18 years ago
Singapore, Singapore

Sir Florance Of Dale - 18 years ago
Forts Worth, Norway

Barthowmul R Johnson - 18 years ago
Newton, Massachustts

I ADORE tomatos! *she types one handed so she can - 18 years ago
hold her BLT in the other hand, she takes a bite , and wipes the rich tomato juice from her chin* mmm

A Tomato Lover and Grower - 18 years ago
Geneva, Florida (again), *throws a nice ripe 'mater at the tomato haters*

you think to win the battle by erasing us?? - 18 years ago
HA!, prepare for battle! tomato lovers unite!

Tomato Lover and Grower - 18 years ago
Shreveport, La

markferon - 18 years ago
san zuchinni, california

Stargal (I LOVE TOMATOES!) - 18 years ago
hockessin, de

Jennifer Rachel Gardienr - 19 years ago
Welland, Canada

BongasteR - 19 years ago
Johannesburg, South-Africa

tomat's are gross - 19 years ago
liverpool, USA

Sharron Gordon - 19 years ago
Manchester, UK

Tim Gordon - 19 years ago
Manchester, UK

Christa Walters - 19 years ago
Huntsville, Arkansas

Dan Abrey - 19 years ago
Oxford, UK

Bergie 02 - 19 years ago
jhb, South Africa

Joe Masin - 19 years ago
Cape Town, South Africa

Kayla West - 19 years ago
Malone, Wisconsin

Brian Curtis - 19 years ago
Clarksville, TN

James King - 19 years ago
Timmins, Ontario

Magnar Ågedal - 19 years ago
Oslo, Norway

Christina Singleton - 19 years ago
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Al Balinskas - 19 years ago
Coventry, Connecticut

Harry Baird - 19 years ago
Ridgewood, NJ

Tom Murphy - 19 years ago
Mahwah, NJ

Josiah - 19 years ago
Wauseon, USA

Myron Blaine Warden - 19 years ago
Clarksville, TN

Stephanie Winstead - 19 years ago
Clarksville, TN

Nicole Rodriguez - 19 years ago
Sharon, MA

Rebecca Montlack - 19 years ago
Commack, NY

Veeshal Modi - 19 years ago
Poughkeepsie, New York

Matt McLean - 19 years ago
Ann Arbor, MI

Frank Freeman - 19 years ago
Katy, Houston, Tx

Sami Smith - 19 years ago
Howell, Michigan

Teresa Webber - 19 years ago
Mustang , Oklahoma

Marie - 19 years ago
Green Bat, Wisconsin

John Q. Public - 19 years ago
Windsor, ON, Canada

Liquid G - 19 years ago
Windsor, On

antitomato - 19 years ago
windsor, ontario, canada